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K.A.E Grove

Paranormal Romance Author

Werewolves, Witches and Vampires

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Get Free Werewolf Romance Novel. Wild Road

A storm, a broken down car and a man on the run was about to turn Cora's bad day, into a battle of survival.

Can she trust a killer whose very existence awakens more than a primal lust, or will this savage man destroy everything she loves

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Newly Released....

Titan MC - Book 1

She was supposed to be nothing more than a job for the vampire king.

The last thing Hyde expected was for the beautiful witch to get under his skin.

but when the moon rises, will he keep his pack safe or will he sacrifice everything to save the girl?

Handsome but intimating man, fire and motorbike behind him


Feared Alpha of the Titan MC Pack, General and Slave to the Vampire King.


Young, bold, inexperienced witch, kidnapped on the order of a vampire king she has never met


Vampire king of America, is a man who always gets what he want, this witch is no different

Alpha and King

What are they willing to sacrifice to be the one to claim her heart and the secrets it holds.

Coming Soon

over the course of this coming year the following books will be available as well as some others not yet featured.

So join me as the power base in America shifts for the first time in hundreds of years. With Werewolves, Vampires, Witches all thrown into chaos everything is going to change.

Paranormal Romance...

Blood Moon

Becoming more than human, who is more dangerous?

The vampire who threatens to shackle her or the beast rising from deep within?

Deaths Touch

There is a killer on the loose and Dyna is the only one in her Coven who can see it.

The problem is that no-one, but the handsome new stranger believes her.